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Services - Treatments

After a tree problem is properly identified, arborists will prescribe actions, or treatments to counteract and solve the problem. Treatments may include:

  • Systemic injection of trees to control insects and disease
  • Spraying of trees to control insects and disease
  • Fertilizing by subsurface hydraulic injection into the soil
  • Amending soil with beneficial mycorrhizae (fungus that works in symbiosis with tree roots)
  • Aeration (addition of oxygen) in compacted soils by subsurface hydraulic injection or vertical mulching
  • Root collar excavation and fungicide drenches to treat root collar maladies
  • Pruning to remove dead or diseased branches, or parasitic growth
  • Modification of existing cultural practices

Treatments may be simple, such as spraying trees for caterpillars that devour the foliage, or they may be complex, requiring several applications over time and also changes in cultural practices, such as watering frequency.


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