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Services - Pruning

Pruning is the purposeful, selective removal of part of a tree to fulfill a predetermined objective. Some of the objectives of pruning are:

  • Safety of people, property, or the tree itself
  • Sanitation by removal of dead or diseased branches, or extraneous growth such as mistletoe
  • Stimulation or redirection of growth by selective branch removal
  • Improvement of appearance or aesthetics of a tree, or to improve a view

A tree that has been properly pruned of dead or dying branches and judiciously thinned throughout the canopy can be a joy to behold.

Standards for pruning have been promulgated by different organizations over time. The National Arborist Association produced a set of work standards for pruning ornamental shade trees, but now more comprehensive and descriptive standards have been published by the American National Standards Institute (the ANSI A300 Pruning Performance Standards).

These standards identify and define the objectives of pruning so that the arborist and client can agree on a precise, defined job.


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