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Services - Diagnostics

In tree health care, just as in human health care, there is a need for "tree doctors", professionals who have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the overall health of trees, and to identify diseases and environmental stressors.

Tree Clinic can provide this service because we have a staff of experienced diagnosticians. Since our patients are unable to come to us, we make housecalls. Our many clients include homeowners, property management companies, building contractors, and colleagues in the landscape industry.

Regardless of the nature of a tree's problems, chances of survival are best if the problems are diagnosed and treated promptly. Our diagnosticians utilize careful field observation and inspection techniques as well as laboratory analysis of soil and plant tissue samples to aid in correct diagnosis.

Prescribed treatments involve either cultural practices (pruning, soil treatments, irrigation, and landscaping alternatives) or clinical practices (nutrient administration and pathogen elimination) or a combination of both. After thorough examination, and tests if necessary, we present a written proposal detailing treatments most appropriate for your trees.


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