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Services - Consulting

What is a consulting arborist?

A consulting arborist is a professional who provides a comprehensive, objective viewpoint to the diagnosis, appraisal, and evaluation of arboricultural issues.

Consulting arborists have been trained in tree-related legal, commercial, and regulatory issues in order to render a "big picture" view of issues at hand.

When consulting services are applied to legal or insurance matters, the consulting arborist serves as an independent observer with no ulterior motives or conflicts of interest in providing his or her professional opinion.

A consulting arborist uses a planned (scientific) method to problem-solving, and when appropriate, submits a technical report of his findings.

Tree Clinic consulting services include:

  • Oak Wilt Surveys
  • Diagnosis of Tree and Landscape Problems
    Risk assessment and hazardous tree inspections
  • Forensic investigation
  • Expert witness in cases that involve the damage or injury related to trees
  • Litigation and insurance support
  • Tree and landscape appraisal/valuation
  • Insect and disease identification
  • Tree protection and management for construction
  • Preparation of contract specifications
  • Tree care and management programs
  • Tree and landscape inventories
  • Arboricultural training, seminars, and lectures
  • Environmental impact studies on development, long-term planning for placement and maintenance of trees, inspection of plant material, and information regarding the preservation of existing trees
  • Evaluation and planning for long-term public plantings and help to develop tree-related ordinances
  • Full service consultation for the homeowner: evaluation, planning and preservation of trees


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